Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I love about my lovely one...

This trip has taught me that even though I am the one cycling, and losing X-amount of calories, the thought of hunger at any given moment would come without a question.

I ask my lovely one, "Are you hungry?"

And her lovely response is, "No, but you can continue to cycle. You have another five more miles to go."

Now, I have been known not to have patience, but how do you continue to go on cycling, starved, until she decides when it's time to eat?

Mind you, this is also an opportunity for both of us to eat together when clearly we're not cycling together.

I have often asked, "Love, would you like to do just one mile on the bike, and I'll drive?"

And the reply is: "This is your cycling journey, not mine."


  1. One of the best days I had as a child was walking too far from home in DC in the summer which meant I got caught in a huge thunderstorm (it was a miracle I wasn't struck by lighting) while walking home. And when I finally go there I was soaked and shivering. But I loved that feeling, mainly b/c it made the hot shower afterwards feel so much better.

  2. ceciracine! I love this story. Getting caught in the rain is a blast when you know you're going to have shelter of some sort.

  3. I was just thinking yesterday as I was driving through a storm in Switzerland that one of my favorite sensations is putting on warm dry clothes after coming in from the rain.
    Forza e coraggio Luna e Cynthia!!

  4. Ogram! That's so true. Putting on warm, dry clothes is THE BEST feeling ever! Thanks for your well-wishes. As we write this note, there's a storm raging through Southeast U.S. We hear Atlanta's under water and wish them courage as well.