Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cycling in the Pouring Rain

Do you remember what it's like to be a kid? Do you remember what it's like to play in the rain? That's what it was like for me to ride the bike leaving Albuquerque this morning.

As kids, we never thought about whether our clothes were dirty or hair was messed. We put so much emphasis on the rain as adults, that it really takes away from the beauty of its gifts. One of which is getting wet. I don't care if you have an Armani suit---you can always take it to the cleaner.

But do you have to protect yourself from the rain?

We have so many concerns in our lives that the things we do come with a question mark. And that question leads you to fear---fear of the unknown, fear of that which hasn't yet been experienced.

Today's cycling trip in the rain, getting completely soaked---getting cold to the bone---all those things gave me clarity. I realized that we don't have options. The moment you make a decision to do something, the other thought of "not doing" does not exist. So, there is no option or choice.

Life is a gift. Live it.

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