Monday, September 7, 2009

Intro Day 3 - Labor Day Monday, Three days before Take off.

I just told my lovely one that Mercury's supposed to be in retrograde all month. She seemed to be relieved and annoyed. Basically, we're having technical difficulties with our webcam and microphone and laptop--or something. My computer skills are not very good.

  • Even though the audio is not very good, today we talked a little bit about:

  • Our plan to continue packing today and going to Costco.

  • Mercury in retrograde.

  • The fact that I'm a little nervous. My heartbeat is up there.

  • We also thanked Max & Juanita for their hospitality in Gilroy yesterday; and we talked about Officer Ted who offered us some sage cycling advice, and Laura for coordinating with us on her project.

More on all that later. I don't think the video picked up very much today.

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