Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Still in Shock...

Even though I saw this coming, I couldn't really say I totally saw this coming.

A cross-country bike trip across the United States? I know I couldn't do it, that's for sure--but Luna's got moxie, perseverance, and a whole huge dose of positivity.

So, when he came to me with a big smile and a huge, bright lightbulb floating above his head, I knew that he had hit a big idea: I know! I'll cycle from California to Atlanta! I'll do it in search of a miracle--it's what we're all looking for these days, isn't it?

And I said, "Why not? If anyone could do it, it's you..." or something like that.

And that was that.

One of my girlfriends from way back in the day was a little--shall we say--nonplussed. "That doesn't sound like fun at all." She told a story about her uncle, I believe. They reported miles upon miles upon miles of nothingness--and even worse, bad food. This was something I hadn't thought about, even though food is very important to me. (It's why I ended up with a chef in the first place.)

My brother, meanwhile, seemed a bit more supportive, even though I think he exploded in laughter and suggested we netflix a German documentary called, "Hell on Wheels" ("HoellenTour"). Luna and I watched it together. His resolve has been hardened. Mine is ... well, mine continues to be ambivalent. To me, this trip looks like the journey of a lifetime. By the same time, there are so many variables and they all point to the unknown, it's sort of spooky.

What will be most fun, I think, is the process of documenting our thoughts leading up to the event, and our thoughts, reactions, or realities after the event. I'm still looking into connecting with UStream to capture some of the experience. For me, this whole trip is all firsts.

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